Andy Powers is the Master Guitar Designer and an ownership partner at Taylor Guitars.

Volume 108 . 2024 Issue 1

One Day at a Time

How is Taylor history made? By focusing on making better guitars every day.

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Volume 107 . 2023 Issue 3

Built to Last

Among the virtues of a well-made guitar are its ability to ripen sonically with age and its serviceability.

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Volume 106 . 2023 Issue 2

Electric Roots

Andy reflects on the unique influence of Southern California culture on electric guitar design —including his brand-new electric line.

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Volume 105 . 2023 Issue 1

Storytelling Tools

A great guitar can feel uniquely personal, just like the songs and stories they help us share.

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Volume 104 . 2022 Issue 3

Wheel of Fortune

In Andy’s experience, fortune favors the problem-solvers — with some help from the likeminded people who guide them along the way.

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Volume 103 . 2022 Issue 2

Maker’s Joy

The process of crafting beautiful, useful musical tools at Taylor is often accompanied by a profound sense of creative excitement.

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Volume 102 . 2022 Issue 1

Never-ending Pursuit

Andy reflects on the blissfully open-ended nature of guitar making and the joy of making fresh discoveries.

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Volume 101 . 2021 Issue 3

Lasting Value

One way to embrace sustainability is to make guitars that will inspire and endure for generations.

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Volume 100 . 2021 Issue 2

Finding Our Home Base

Andy explores the different ways a guitar — or a guitar community — can soothe our soul.

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Volume 99 . 2021 Issue 1

Instruments of Change

From musical instruments to the songs we play on them, we are constantly evolving in response to changing times.

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Volume 98 . 2020 Issue 3

Music: The Currency of Emotion

During challenging times, making music can feel as essential as food and shelter.

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Volume 97 . 2020 Issue 2


Andy reflects on the community spirit that inspired him to play and make instruments, and how, even in a time of physical separation, music finds new ways to bring people together.

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