Shawn Persinger, a.k.a. Prester John, owns a Taylor 410, two 310s, a 214ce-N, an 8-string baritone, and a GS Mini Bass. His music has been described as a myriad of delightful musical paradoxes: complex but catchy; virtuosic yet affable; smart and whimsical. His book The 50 Greatest Guitar Books has been hailed as a monumental achievement by readers and critics.

Volume 107 . 2023 Issue 3

Baritone Basics

A rich-voiced baritone guitar makes a remarkably versatile addition to your acoustic arsenal. Meet your new secret weapon.

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Volume 100 . 2021 Issue 2

Open Minor Tunings

Want an easy way to broaden your musical range with open tunings? Try open minor.

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Volume 99 . 2021 Issue 1

Best Practices

With more people embracing the guitar in recent months, learning how to practice is important. So is making time to have fun.

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