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Four-piece tops and backs, bridge pin size, V-Class bracing variations and more

Ed. Note: For this batch of questions, Andy Powers also shares his thoughts on several topics.

With the introduction of the Builder’s Edition 814ce, I was curious how long Taylor has been using four-piece tops and backs. Read Answer

Please describe the bracing specification on my 2021 614ce (which I love!). I understand the concept of V-Class bracing. My questions are:
1. The thickness of the bracing?
2. Is the bracing scalloped?
3. What is the bracing wood type?
4. Is the 614ce bracing designed different from, say, the 814ce, to warm up the maple? Read Answer

I have a question about bridge pins and why the diameter of Taylor bridge pins isn’t all the same size. I recently purchased a 224ce-K DLX and inquired about the bridge pins. I was told the guitar came with plastic bridge pins and that if I were to upgrade to ebony bridge pins, it would require some work to ensure a correct fit. Is this correct?

I’ve been watching videos and see that the bridge pins could affect the tone. Also, do the plastic bridge pins wear out and require replacing over time? Would the ebony pins last longer? Read Answer

How would you describe the difference in volume between the Concert and Grand Auditorium models? Read Answer

Other than humidity moderation, what would you say is the number-one thing an owner can do to look after their Taylor guitar? Read Answer

Why hasn’t Taylor made any jumbo model guitars in years? The 855 certainly helped put the company on the map as a high-quality production guitar maker, and there have been several other fantastic jumbo models since. The Leo Kottke signature models come to mind. Read Answer

Taylor Guitars seems to be using more alternatives to mahogany — Urban Ironbark, sapele and Urban Ash, for example. While these are all very good options and should be used, is there any effort on the plantation/supply side (for lack of a better term) to grow more mahogany? I’m thinking along the lines of the community replanting project with ebony in Cameroon or the koa plantation in Hawaii. Read Answer

Why has Taylor stopped using ovangkol for back and sides? Read Answer

Do you think Taylor could start a “making your guitar experience” program where customers order a custom Taylor and pay additional fees for the one-on-one experience to watch and learn in the creation of their guitar order? Read Answer

Would it kill you to put a cutaway on a Big Baby or an Academy? Sometimes it’s nice to have a cutaway on your “campfire guitar.” Read Answer

What 50th anniversary models can we expect from Taylor next year? Read Answer

I have an E14. The [ebony] back and sides are so beautiful. Is there any chance for a limited run with an ebony top? Read Answer

Got a question for Bob Taylor or Andy Powers? Shoot them an email: askbob@taylorguitars.com

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