• 2023 Issue 3 /
  • Guitar Lesson: Strumming, Picking and Palm Muting

Guitar Lesson: Strumming, Picking and Palm Muting

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Taylor Gamble is back with a set of foundational lessons to help any new guitarist sound like a pro.

Welcome back to the Wood&Steel guitar lesson, featuring session player and guitar teacher Taylor Gamble.

This time around, Taylor takes things back to square one with a trio of essential concepts for any guitar player: strumming, picking and palm muting. New learners should practice these techniques until they become second nature, incorporating volume dynamics and the varied touch that makes a piece of music truly resonate.

Beginner: Strumming

Taylor kicks off our lesson with an introduction to strumming technique, demonstrating the basics while illustrating how subtle variations can add feeling to your sound.

Intermediate: Strumming & Picking

Next, Taylor explains simple picking techniques before showing how mixing strumming and picking together can create beautiful melodies with basic chord shapes.

Advanced: Palm Muting

Finally, our lesson concludes with a technique utilized by guitarists from pop and R&B to country and heavy metal: palm muting. Taylor illustrates how using your strumming hand to gently mute the strings can add dynamics to your playing, especially when mixed with open strumming and picking.