Guitar Lessons: Using the CAGED System

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Pro guitarist and music educator Taylor Gamble explains the CAGED chord system and demonstrates simple techniques to expand your chording command across the fretboard.

By Taylor Gamble

Welcome back to the Wood&Steel Guitar Lesson! This time around, we’re excited to feature pro player and guitar teacher Taylor Gamble, who has toured and recorded with artists such as Ari Lennox, Stevie Wonder, Tye Tribbett, JJ Hairston, Anthony Brown, Bela Dona and more. An experienced studio musician, Taylor specializes in gospel, classical acoustic, R&B, and rock styles. Follow her on Instagram @taylrtheg and get more in-depth lessons from Taylor through her online guitar course on Skillshare.

Beginner: Intro to the CAGED Chord System

To start things off, Taylor introduces the CAGED system of open guitar chords, which forms a simple foundation on which you can build chord progressions and melodies.

Intermediate: Getting More Out of Your Chords

Next, Taylor demonstrates how the CAGED system can lead you to new sonic territory by making simple changes to chord shapes, including how to change upbeat-sounding major chords to more somber-sounding minor chords.

Advanced: Moving Through the CAGED System

Finally, Taylor shows how you take the chord shapes and voicings you learned in the previous lessons and move them up the guitar neck, allowing you to mold chords and progressions into different keys and frequency ranges.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Wood&Steel Guitar Lesson! Be sure to read our next issue for more videos to help you grow your skills.