Bob Taylor is co-founder and president of Taylor Guitars.

Volume 108 . 2024 Issue 1

An Epoch Journey

As Taylor celebrates its 50th year in business, Bob recalls different phases of the company’s evolution.

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Volume 107 . 2023 Issue 3

My First Fork

Bob remembers his childhood friend Mike Broward, who helped spark his passion for guitars.

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Volume 106 . 2023 Issue 2

Growing Something Good

Sometimes it takes years to cultivate something of value, whether it’s a guitar or a tree.

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Volume 105 . 2023 Issue 1

When Impatience Is a Virtue

After five decades in the guitar business, Bob has learned that while some things are worth waiting for, responsiveness and urgency are key drivers of innovation.

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Volume 104 . 2022 Issue 3

Andy in the Passing Lane

Bob reflects on shifting into a supporting role as Andy Powers leads the company forward.

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Volume 103 . 2022 Issue 2

Planting a Guitar Garden

Bob reflects on the efforts underway in Hawaii to grow guitar-grade koa for the future.

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Volume 102 . 2022 Issue 1

Guitar Scales

During a time of increased demand for guitars, Bob explains why Taylor’s production capability is good for everyone.

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Volume 101 . 2021 Issue 3

Investing in the Inevitable

Adapting to change is one of the most important skills we can master, both in business and in life.

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Volume 100 . 2021 Issue 2

Making Things That Last

Bob ponders the duality of things that endure, contrasting our plastic problem with the company’s transition to employee ownership.

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Volume 99 . 2021 Issue 1

Better Days Ahead

Bob reflects with bittersweet emotions on an unprecedented year.

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Volume 98 . 2020 Issue 3

Manufacturing Complex

Bob shares some real-world perspective on the business ecosystem of manufacturing and creating a new guitar series during a pandemic.

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Volume 97 . 2020 Issue 2

A Matter of Trust

Bob explains why Taylor’s efforts to build trust with our partners matters, especially during challenging times.

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