R&B Chord Progressions for Acoustic Guitar

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Expand your stylistic repertoire with these handy chord progressions commonly used by R&B guitarists.

By Kerry "2 Smooth" Marshall

Whatever your preferred style or genre, learning new sounds and techniques outside your comfort zone is essential for becoming a well-rounded guitar player.

Kerry “2 Smooth” Marshall is an in-demand music educator, session guitarist, producer and guitar teacher who specializes in R&B, neo-soul and gospel music. In addition to playing alongside some of today’s top musical acts, he’s also a mainstay on YouTube, where he’s reached over 100,000 subscribers.

The first lesson reviews a common chord progression that will help you get started with R&B styles.

Next, Kerry explains the double-stop technique, a common sonic element that R&B guitarists use to add dimension to their licks.

Finally, Kerry explores the diminished 7th chord, a distinctive sound that will enhance your sound and add a new flavor to your style.

You can find more lessons from Kerry on his YouTube channel.