two Taylor acoustic 200 Series Plus guitars, one laying on its side in front and the other handing from a stand behind

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Dynamic Duo

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Fraternal twins from our 200 Plus Series strike a harmonic balance of musical utility and affordability.

For newer and discerning players alike, there will always be value in a reliable workhorse guitar. Almost every longtime guitarist has one — as good for accompaniment at an open mic night as it is for couchbound practice sessions and tinkering with song ideas. And if that guitar comes with a few slick features to elevate its style and usefulness? Even better. Enter the 214ce Plus and its series sibling, the 210ce Plus, designed to fill the need for an everyday guitar that performs at a high level without breaking the bank.

The two guitars share key family traits: layered Indian rosewood back and sides, a solid spruce tops, a Venetian cutaway, ES2 electronics and a comfortable Taylor neck profile (featuring a 1-11/16-inch nut width) that’s easy on your fretting hand. Aesthetically, the two models boast a full-body gloss finish and nickel tuners that elevate them from the standard 200 Series, along with our popular new AeroCase, which combines lightweight portability with stellar protection.

The pair diverges in body shape, with the 214ce Plus inhabiting the Taylor original Grand Auditorium and the 210ce Plus in the classic Dreadnought style. Players tend to love the Grand Auditorium both for its one-size-fits-all feel and its highly adaptable musical response, which performs beautifully whether you’re fingerpicking, flatpicking lead lines or driving a tune with aggressive strumming. The GA’s articulate, yet open character makes it easy to bend to fit a variety of playing styles and genre-specific approaches, with a punchy response that balances low-end warmth with treble clarity.

Taylor’s Andy Powers takes the 214ce Plus for a spin.

Meanwhile, the wider-waisted 210ce Plus is Taylor’s take on the big, commanding dreadnought body shape. Typically, players seek out dreadnought guitars for their strong projection, typically buffed up with a more potent bass response. The large air chamber allows it to produce stunning volume; our version maintains that room-filling power and trims out some of the extra overtones in favor of greater note separation, in keeping with the “contemporary” Taylor sound that players have come to love. The result is a guitar that balances the heritage vibe of the classic dreadnought shape with modern refinements that make it even more useful in situations where you really want your guitar sound front and center. Watch Taylor’s Artist and Community Relations Manager, Lindsay Love-Bivens, put the 210ce Plus through its paces below.

Lindsay Love-Bivens plays the Dreadnought 210ce Plus.

Whichever shape you lean toward, both of these guitars are out in stores awaiting a test-drive. Head to your local Taylor dealer or browse from your favorite online music retailer.