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  • Guitar Lessons: Tone, Posture and Using a Capo

Guitar Lessons: Tone, Posture and Using a Capo

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Watch guitarist and music director Nicholas Veinoglou demonstrate some simple tricks that can help you expand your guitar’s sonic palette and refine your playing technique.

By Nicholas Veinoglou

Whether you’re a seasoned guitar player or a beginner just stepping into the world of music, having a good understanding of some acoustic guitar basics can keep your practice sessions productive and help you expand the musical breadth of your guitar and your playing. Enjoy these quick guitar lessons from Nicholas Veinoglou, a longtime Taylor player and guitar teacher extraordinaire.

Playing Posture

How you hold your guitar when you play can have a dramatic effect on your technique. Follow Nicholas’s advice to straighten out your posture, stay comfortable and let your body work with the guitar.

Tone Tips

Despite its traditional design, the acoustic guitar is capable of producing a wide range of musical colors depending on how you play it. Watch Nicholas run through a few easy ways to get new sounds out of your guitar.

How to Use a Capo

A capo is an essential piece of any guitarist’s toolbox, allowing you to change the natural key of your acoustic guitar without retuning so you can play and sing in a range that fits your abilities. Here, Nicholas demonstrates how and when to use a capo with your acoustic guitar.