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  • Ask Bob – All about acacia, supply chain issues, open-grain tops and string anchoring
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Ask Bob

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All about acacia, supply chain issues, open-grain tops and string anchoring

Bob, what is acacia wood? Have you used acacia for any part of your guitars?

P.S. I recently purchased a 362ce — such a beautiful-sounding and easy-playing guitar! Read Answer

As a guitar gets older, does it react to humidity differently? I’ve heard that as the resins in the wood crystallize over time, a guitar is less likely to lose or absorb moisture. Any truth to this? Read Answer

Aside from sourcing wood, are there ways that supply chain shortages or delays (in the wake of COVID and increased demand) have significantly impacted Taylor’s production capability? Read Answer

What is the effect of tight grain versus more open grain on the tonewood used for a guitar’s top? Read Answer

Bob, how concerned are you that another company — say a factory in China — might start copying your manufacturing processes closely enough to encroach on your business? Especially given your track record of innovation, how important is it for you to protect intellectual property to safeguard your designs? Read Answer

As someone who’s passionate about making not just guitars but other things, what other “building” projects are you proud of? Read Answer

Bob, have you ever considered teaching any kind of class for high school kids — like guitar-making or woodworking or some other industrial arts class? I bet you’d be great at inspiring young people how to think about craftsmanship. Read Answer

I’ve seen videos showing that if the bridge is slotted rather than the pins, this improves the break angle of the strings and puts the string in more surface contact with the bridge, thus transferring energy more efficiently and improving tone, sustain, projection, volume and overall performance. From a manufacturing standpoint, this seems like it would be a fairly minor CNC adjustment when making the bridge, with minimal up-front costs, and it would certainly fit well with Taylor’s penchant for eschewing tradition in favor of innovation. Is this something you have ever considered? Read Answer

I love Taylor guitars and am looking to upgrade from my 414ce. The problem is there is nowhere to play the different models. I live two-plus hours from the nearest large city, and our “local” (meaning one hour away) independent authorized Taylor dealer store simply has no inventory to speak of — maybe an occasional 100 or 200 Series now and then, but that’s about it. Yes, you can buy from the one of the national online dealers sight unseen, but even if you have tested the particular model, it’s chancy enough to buy a guitar you have never actually played. Now we face the risk of never even being able to sample the model, let alone the individual guitar. Any chance you can spare some product to help out the small independent dealers and their customers? Read Answer

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