Scott Paul is Taylor’s Director of Natural Resource Sustainability.

Volume 101 . 2021 Issue 3

The Ebony Project: Growing Into Phase 2

A decade after buying an ebony mill in Cameroon, our efforts to ensure an ethical ebony supply chain have led to new scientific discoveries and a scalable community planting program that’s on the verge of doubling in size.

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Volume 100 . 2021 Issue 2

No Finish Line

Our drive to develop better and more eco-friendly guitar finishes demonstrates that environmental stewardship will always be an ongoing effort.

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Volume 99 . 2021 Issue 1

Seeds of Change in a Changing World

In an age of climate change, growing the right tree in the right place is more important than ever. Here’s why.

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Volume 98 . 2020 Issue 3

Growth Potential

With two planting projects in the works, Taylor’s collaboration with partners like West Coast Arborists sheds light on the challenges and benefits of creating a circular economy around urban trees.

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Volume 97 . 2020 Issue 2

Three Part Harmony

Our innovative efforts to preserve the future of ebony, koa and urban trees reveal three profoundly different approaches. Yet all are linked by our commitment to improving local ecosystems and the communities that rely on them.

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